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BBT Timers

Introducing the SLFT BBT Timer

The SLFT BBT timer is a light weight (3 grams) simple to operate,
electronic dethermalizer timer suitable for rubber powered airplanes.

DT time is available in five second and one minute increments
which are programmed into the timer with the START and program switches.
Green and Red LEDís provide for easy programming and use. Programing stays in memory.

The timer releases the DT by burning through a small rubber band.
The BBT timer comes with a rechargeable LIPO battery and mounting bracket.
An RDT compatible model is also available.

Basic BBT Timer      $59.00
BBT w/RDT connector      $65.00


Basic BBT Timer



Basic BBT Timer w/ RDT Connector



BBT for E-36



BBT Battery Charger




BBT Adapter/Pin



ADR Adapter/Clip