E-36 and F1S


E-36 Airplane Kit
Includes: Short Kit, Plan, Carbon Tube, Motor, ESC, Servo, and Timer



Ready-to-Fly Apache E-36
These prices are for ready to fly models. They include the model, and all the electronics except for an RDT or battery. I recommend an RDT system for electric models, and GNB 300mah 90C batteries with XT30 connectors. The models are made by Stan Buddenbohm.

The APACHE36 is a former record holder, several times over and National E36, and National F1S champion. It is designed to launch straight up and climb for 5 sec, which is enough to achieve a 2 min max without a thermal.



A new model flown just enough to get it adjusted.



A new un-flown model.



A used model that likely has some patched punctures, or other repairs,
has been colored, flies great.



The Apachylon is an Apache36 with a pylon added. Performance is slightly less than Apache36. But this design is a bit more forgiving. It can climb for 10 sec. It is launched at 30 deg up with 20 deg of right bank. It has won contests and made 29 maxes in a postal event.
Prices are as above, plus $30.

Shipping: Depending on where you live the shipping charges can be as much as $70 not counting the special box. So shipping could cost between $60 and $100




E-36 Cobra Motor



7 X 6 Folding Prop

Please contact for prices



E-36 Power Train
Includes: Cobra Motor, 10 AMP ESC, 4 gram Servo, Timer



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