The Sidus Energy Limiter complies with the latest FlQ rules and is compatible with all current FlQ e-Timers.

• Equipped with standard 3.5mm bullet connectors for energy metering
• Maximum allowed energy amount is user programmable without any external devices
• A built-in 4-digit display directly shows the consumed or programmed energy amount

Technical Data

Size: 27.5 x 38.0 x 6.0 mm
Weight: 6.0 gm
Voltage Range: 7.4–25.2 Vdc (2s to 6s LiPo)
Current Range: 3.0–65.0 A
Energy Range: 100–2750 J, in steps of 1 J

The limiter is inserted along the positive wire between the battery and ESC and connected with the e-Timer and its start switch. It works with any F1Q e-Timer having separate RDT input and capable of recognizing and handling a negative 20 mS pulse.
The connection to the Sidus F1Q e-Timer (that has built-in RDT) is even easier as it uses the same start switch in/out for the energy limit signal.

How it Works
On battery connection, the limiter performs a self calibration and waits for the press/release transition of the start switch (on model release). On release, the limiter calculates the energy delivered by the battery. In the event the programmed limit is exceeded, the limiter issues a 20 mS negative pulse informing the e-Timer, that will cut power to the motor and continue the timing sequence the same way it would in case of expiration of the programmed motor time. All the functions following the motor cut off will be activated according to the programmed sequence, including the DT time. At the end of the flight you can check the total energy delivered by the battery.

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